How to Build a Nootropic Stack

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So you have gotten involved with nootropics and now you’re looking for a stack that can help you to improve your efficacy. That is a stage of awareness that a lot of people never get to so congratulations! You are among the elite of the elite who actually try to take a scientific approach to the things that they do with their body.

1702-1252709341CgRpFinding your unique nootropic stack that works best for you is a process that only takes a few different steps. In the following article, we’ll give you an overview of these steps so that you have a much better idea of how to do it.

  1. Try one ingredient at a time – if you are going to build a stack, you have to add only 1 ingredient at a time. Otherwise, you’ll have too many confounding variables and it will be nearly impossible to get the right nootropic stack for you. There will be ingredients that don’t help you and there will be those that give you 90% of the benefits. You want to isolate the ones that are different and then keep the ones that are beneficial.
  2. Find synergistic compounds – finding a nootropic stack is often a result of putting together items that can work together to help you more than either of them alone. For example, if you have piracetam as your first ingredient that you start with, it is possible to add choline to that to see if it helps. Because choline is synergistic with piracetam there is a higher chance of that being helpful than if you just use an herb like bacopa monnieri, for example. Pure Nootropics’ blog has a great article on beginner nootropic stacks for more ideas.

With a focus on these two separate tasks, you should be able to build a nootropic stack within a few short weeks. Make sure you are recording how you feel and the results you have on certain mental performance markers so you can know for sure whether it is actually helping you!